Windows think Macquarie Joinery

Louvre Windows

Louvres are an elegant style of window. Our preferred construction is a solid cedar frame incorporating an Altair Breezway louvre gallery.

Bi-Folding and Servery Windows

Bi-fold windows provide large uninterrupted openings and are popular with Sydney cafes. They are also popular for kitchen serveries and outdoor dining areas.

Double Hung Windows

The traditional box frame double-hung window is still, arguably, the best. Sashes make sure the windows stay where you leave them and don’t creep up or down.

Casement Sash and Awning Sash Windows

Federation era casement sash windows represent great value for money. We build them with one to eight sashes. Easy to operate with a range of hardware.

Sashless Windows

We use the Aneeta sashless window system. It is a modern system that features two moving panes of counterbalanced glass, without a timber sash frame.

Horizontal Sliding Sash Windows

Horizontal sliding windows are often chosen for their ease of operation and their compactness. With three sashes you can open two thirds of the frame.

Fixed Glass Windows

Curved Frame with Fixed Raking Head fixed glass The Hero of Waterloo

“Thank you. The windows are beautiful. The windows will make our home so much lighter. Thank you for your expert workmanship” – Leanne